The Cub Scouts section has members between the ages of 7 and 10.5 years old. The section is commonly known as the pack and its members (cubs) are split in small groups of 6 and are referred to as sixes. The leader of the team is called Sixer and he is assisted by a second sixer.

The cubs have their own educational program, and this introduces them to their Scouting lives. It is based on principles outlined by the founder of Scouting Lord Baden Powel of learning by doing” and having fun in the Great Outdoors!” Some common activities include: hiking, swimming, playing games, exploring the outdoors, cultural visits, treasure hunts, cooking (yes even on open fires!) and of course camping. Through the Cub programme, Cubs are introduced to the basics of scouting skills such as orienteering, first aid and knotting.

Baden Powell was a big believer in the capacity of a story to aid in the learning process, as a result most of our activities have what is known as a symbolic framework, (a story designed to engage the member). Within the Pack this is applied to the Pack system and programme, with everything being related to the famous Rudyard Kipling story `The Jungle Book`. As a result you will find that the cub leaders have names from the jungle book characters, such as Akela, Raksha, Hathi, Kaa, Bagheera, Baloo and various others. 

The Cub Programme starts off with the Tenderpaw badge through which cubs get to know the leaders and other newcomers along with certain scouting basics. Earning this badge earns the new member the right to be officially invested and appointed as a member of the Scouting around the world. This is then followed with a progressive scheme of badges earned by doing things like tying knots, first aid, hiking, cook outs, crafts etc. There are three levels which a cub as to progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold Arrow Badges. Cubs can also work on and earn proficiency/interest badges by doing things that interest them and by learning new skills like cycling, crafting, sports, cookery, history, nature, services and more. The Cub programme draws to a close when the Cub starts doing what is known as the link badge, which aids the smooth movement between the Cub Pack section and the Scout Troop section. All of this can be found in the Cub Scout Handbook, badges can be worn on the Cub Scout uniform to show your rank and progress and all the skills learnt and badges earned.

At the core of the Cub programme and your scouting life, you will find the Cub Scout Promise and Law. These help us to live our lives as scouts and use the knowledge and upbringing within our Pack and Group to truly do our best (as the cub motto says ) even outside the Scout meeting and activities.

Cub Scouting is bigger than just our Groups Pack of around 36 boys. Hundreds of cubs form part of other groups’ packs amongst The Scout Association of Maltas” c.40 scout groups and millions more form part of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement” (WOSM), which the Group and Association form part of. As the Scout Law states, A scout is a brother to all scouts” this is often seen through the various joint activities with other scout groups in Malta and the occasional trip abroad.

How to join:

If you would like to join our Pack kindly message us through our Facebook page by Clicking Here or email the Pack leaders on for guidance on how to do so. Kindly note that we currently have a short waiting list. You can also come to speak to the Pack leaders during our weekly Wednesday meetings which take place at our Headquarters between 1730hrs and 1930hrs.