23 | 09 | 2017
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Edward Sciberras

What is so great about scouting?

I think the best thing about scouting is the team spirit it builds up between the individuals and the never-give-up attitude associated with some of our challenging activities.

What types of activities does scouting offer?

The 'traditional' activities associated with scouting are camping and expeditions.  These are still the mainstay of scouting and are among the most important activities since they give an outdoors experience as well as being totally fun in their own right!  Other important activities which one cannot overlook involve the community aspect of scouting, based on some community service or voluntary work.

Which are your favourite scouting activities and why?

Expeditions must be my favourite activity, since you get a chance to go out while at the same time challenging yourself.  Being away from emails is a bliss, and the laughs (and tears) we share along the way are remembered years down the line.

Has scouting made you a better person and in what ways?

I think it has definitely contributed to who I am now.  Being responsible for others makes you remember that it's not always me me me.
Why did you choose scouting over sports or other activities?

A friend who was already in scouts encouraged me to join - I think the promise of adventure definitely encouraged my decision!

How would you promote scouting with someone who isn't familiar with the idea?

You have to try it out!

How long have you been in scouting? What kept you in for so long?

I've been around since 1999.  What makes me turn up every Wednesday is the knowledge that I'm contributing towards the overall improvement of the group, and the personal satisfaction of being with friends knowing we're all in it together.

Have you travelled with the Group?

I've been around a bit with the Group.  First trip was a visit to Moscow in 2000.  Next trip was participation in the US National Jamboree in 2001, visiting also New York and Washington.  During my years as a scout I also went camping several times in Sicily.  As a Venture, one of my most memorable trips was an EU exchange to Poland with some Polish scouts whom we had hosted the previous summer.  My last participation was an adventure trip in the Lake District in 2009 with the Rover Crew.  It definitely won't be the last!