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Our Vision


The Venture Unit’s aim is to continue and complete the progressive training of the Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop and to ensure that its members are given every opportunity and encouragement to take their place in society, as young men of standing and worth.






Our Mission

The main goal of the Venture Unit is to provide a fun filled, yet safe environment for teenagers. Scouting in this section doesn’t limit itself to the vast knowledge of scouting skills but aims at giving teenagers the social skills to become responsible adults who reserve the know how of leading the future generation.

Sectional Information

Venture Scouts are a vital organ of the scout group. Considering the age of ventures and the responsibilities they have with regards to the world of work and family life, members in this section have a considerable amount of free time on their hands. Adding together with this, the vast scouting knowledge absorbed throughout their cub and scout years, provides the perfect recipe for a motivated, hardworking and adventurous unit. This said, members of this section are free to organise much of their own activities, as well as find time to help out with the other sections and the group itself.
The minimum age for joining a Unit is currently 15½ years. Membership may continue until one’s 19th birthday. The transition from the Scout Section to the Unit is usually coordinated between the respective leaders of both sections, in order for the individual to have as smooth a shift as is possible.
Meetings are held weekly on a Wednesday evening between 7pm and 9pm at our group headquarters. (see map)






History of Venture Scouting
The Venture Section within the World Organisation of Scouting started in 1917 (they were known as Senior Scouts at the time). Senior scouting emerged in Britain with aim of giving teenagers and young adults a separate section from the rest of the scouts.
The first St. Aloysius College venture unit was created in 1970. Although the unit shut down for some years after that, it re-emerged in 1990 and has been open ever since. Ventures are now considered a key section in the group since they have contributed to the major achievements of the group ever since they were set up.



Unit Structure:


Leadership is important in a unit as it gives a sense of direction to the unit. Decisions are mostly taken by the VSL helped by the Executive Committee. There are many different roles a leader can fulfil depending on the type of unit one is associated with and one's specific function within that unit. These different functions include: organising activities, training of youth members, preparing budgets, consultation, liaison with parents, Island Headquarters, or other parties-such as Group Leaders Council. The roles of leaders in senior units like the Venture Scout Section tend to be consultative and much of the administration and activity planning are in the hand of the Venture Scouts.





As in each organisation or group, record-keeping is vital. History is built on records today's people preserve. Administration is also important for a smooth and organised running of the group. The Unit Secretary is responsible for the administrative role in the Unit and cares for all record keeping appertaining to the Venture Scout Section. Main duties include keeping records of the weekly meeting minutes, keeping track of logbooks, handling correspondence and maintaining contact information.




Public relations

Public relations is the art of building relationships between an organisation and its key audiences. One of this section’s main aims is to strive to promote itself and Venture Scouting to society. With the use of the website, monthly group bulletins, press releases, as well as fund raising and joint activities, the Public Relations Officer of the unit has much at hand.







The Quarter Master (QM) is in charge of equipment storage and maintenance, and hence must keep record of all equipment belonging to the Unit. Tentage, ropes, first aid kits, life jackets, and any other items related to equipment or quarters fall under the responsibility of the QM. Much of the funds raised by the group or unit are directed into the purchase of new equipment therefore utmost care must be given to this equipment.




The SAC Ventures organise various annual projects such as international experiences with foreign scouts, reunions of old scouts, fund raising activities, rafting expeditions, visits to places of interest such as the airport and the AFM Maritime squadron among others Ventures also attend camps such as the Group Summer and Easter Camp as well as the National Venture Camp. These activities and many others form the basis of the Unit's programme. Most of the times, the success of these activities depends on the interests and initiatives of the Unit's members. It is therefore important that apart from having an element of education, activities should be fun. The Unit is probably the section which organises most activities throughout the year, all of which are planned and seen through by the unit members with the help of their leaders.






Training is vital in all sections. It should not be done periodically, but constantly. Training is important because it permits the unit to have knowledgeable members on scouting-related matters. The Venture Scout Award allows Venture Scouts to be rewarded for their endeavours in taking part in a wide range of self-selected activities and showing personal development. Although this award is recognised by the Malta Scout Association, this is merely a fraction of the initiative needed for the accomplishment of training schemes. Venture Scouts with the St. Aloysius College Scout Group undertake training to broaden their knowledge about scouting as well as world related issues. Training is therefore seen as a matter of self satisfaction rather than award achievement.




Useful information: Motto: “LOOK WIDE!”

How to Join!!
If you are between 16 and 18 yrs old and wish to join the SAC Venture Unit throughout its adventures, tell us about yourself by writing an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.