23 | 09 | 2017
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Pierre Sant


What is so great about scouting?

I can describe scouting as a life skill education. scouting will give you all the skills that you need in order for a person to develop and learn his way through life with respect to himself and other around him. that i think its the greatness of scouting.

What types of activities does scouting offer?

Scouting can take you through all sorts of activities. you will always have the normal activties such as hiking, camping, etc. but there are other activities where you will learn a lot in order to do the task required in the activity such as Pioneering, Orientering, etc.

Which are your favourite scouting activities and why?

i have done a ton of different activities and still doing different ones it makes it very hard too choose a real favorite. i think the top three activities would be, camping, diving and abseiling.  

Has scouting made you a better person and in what ways?

i think since i first joined as a scout member of 11 years old, with the help of the leaders i had i managed to build up a very strong charcter and able to make certain desicions. also scouting made me a more independent person since i was thought how to take care of myself in any situation. now that i am a leader i try to give my knowledge to other scouts.

Why did you choose scouting over sports or other activities?

To be totally honest i was encoraged buy some family friends when one evening they started to tell me all the fun activities that scouts do. i was lucky enough that St Aloysius College Scout Group was very close to my house and my parents didnt object for me to join the Scout Movement. i was full of entusiasam to join the group but little did i know that scouting will change my life forever, but i do not regret any  moment of it

How would you promote scouting with someone who isn't familiar with the idea?

personally i would most probably promot scouting with my own scouting expereince. scouting gave me such different and unforgettable experiences that when i talk to someone who is not aware of scouting, i will most definatly make him understand the true meaning of scouting being a fun activity and also a highly educational movment.

How long have you been in scouting? What kept you in for so long?

I joined SAC Group since 1990. since then i never looked back because the trill and great experience scouting gave me always pushed me to look forward and never let go. the friendship that i have made in scouting are now part of my life and together we all continue to perform and support each other. i can not imagine what life would have been if back in 1990 i wasnt encoraged to join the scout movement.

Have you travelled with the Group?

Our group was always considered as the group that travelled the world. Mr John Mizzi every year used to plan our a "scouting Holiday" where he used to give the opportunity to scout members to meet and explorer the world. i was lucky to take the opportunity a couple of times and i managed to travel to scout camps in Sicily and Rome (italy) and also recently On Board the HMS Bulwark and to the Lake District (United Kingdom).