23 | 09 | 2017
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Marina Buffa


What is so great about scouting?

Scouting in itself promotes learning and life skills. Scouts learn skills that will last a lifetime, including basic outdoor skills, first aid, citizenship skills, leadership skills, how to get along with others, and many others, some of which are not practised in any other extra curricular organisations. Being part of a scouting association, youths have the opportunity to grow, to develop, to learn and to mature. Our goal as leaders is to bring the values of Scouting through and the way we do this is with exciting programs, challenging activities and being as adventurous as possible.

What types of activities does scouting offer?

Scouting offers an endless list of informal educational activities some of which are camping, night hikes, nature walks, activities that include basic First Aid and knotting. Scouting activities are usually activities in the outdoors that clearly promote teamwork as well as equality.

Which are your favourite scouting activities and why?

My favourite scouting activity is undoubtedly camping. Being used to a comfortable lifestyle, camping is a different pastime which makes one aware what life is all about while keeping up with a simple lifestyle exempt of the accomodating facilities we are so familiar with. Simultaneously enjoying the simplicity of nature and all the possible activities and little adventures it offers.

Has scouting made you a better person and in what ways?

It is only after being a Cub Scout Leader for 4 years that I have realised how an activity like Scouting can change you into a better person. Acquiring  leadership skills has helped me become more independent and organised not only within the scouting environment but also in the school and work surroundings. Leaders do not just designate tasks and responsibilities to the people under them but they also teach them and help them complete their work. Group leading has given me a wider vision of every child's uniqueness, individuality and talent.

Scouting has thought me how to be independent and has also made me aware of my own personal abilities and how to overcome challenges.

Why did you choose scouting over sports or other activities?

I initially formed part of the 8th Swieqi Girl Guides and remained part of the group for 9 years. At 16 I joined the St. Aloysius College Scout Group as voluntary work for a Systems of Knowledge Project that consisted of no longer than 3 months. 3 months have now lead to 4 years, simply because Scouting provides me with an ever-growing knowlege and the challenge is certaily using it.

I've opted for Scouting because it is a pastime that provides so much more than a sport. Whereas engaging in a sport revolves around keeping fit, Scouts revolves around this as well as many other values that one will carry for life.

How would you promote scouting with someone who isn't familiar with the idea?

The only way I could promote, is by encouraging any person to join scouting as there is nothing better than learning through experiencing.

How long have you been in scouting? What kept you in for so long?

I have been in scouting for nearly 4 years now. Although it seems like much less, it is the self-satisfaction of passing on knowledge to yonger generations, seeing the smiles on their faces from learning something new every week, winning challenges, and most of all experiencing things that perhaps other forms of extra curricular activites do not offer.

Have you travelled with the Group?

Unfortunately I havn't travelled with the group yet, but i do look forward to doing so in the near future.