23 | 09 | 2017
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Andre Brincat

What is so great about scouting?

To me scouting has that little extra ingredient which other youth organisations don’t offer. It gives young members the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a unique way.

What types of activities does scouting offer?

Scouting in our Group offers a myriad of activities and opportunities. I’m not only talking about the 5 basic adventure skills: Hiking, Pioneering, First Aid, Cooking and Camping. Scouting also offers hundreds of other opportunities such as music, travel, sports, acting etc. where young scouts can grow and develop individually and as a group, all this in a safe environment.

Which are your favourite scouting activities and why?

I’ve done so many activities that it’s hard to choose. Abseiling is a recent one and the obstacle course was my favourite as a young scout. But I think the number one activity which I still enjoy is the Fearless/Bulwark expedition in Gozo and the competitive spirit it brings with it.

Has scouting made you a better person and in what ways?

I think scouting has played an important role in the way my character was formed. I’ve always been a joker, but scouting has helped me improve this gift while performing at Campfires. It has also given me a sense of duty towards others at all times.

Why did you choose scouting over sports or other activities?

I think most young people join scouts because their parents decide so, that’s what happened in my case. What made me stay though, is the fact that scouting gives much more opportunities than other organisations. What’s so cool about scouting is that there’s so much to do that one can never get bored of doing the same thing!

How would you promote scouting with someone who isn't familiar with the idea?

People outside Scouting only get to see us marching around in uniform. That is NOT Scouting. I’d simply invite any young person to try out scouting for a couple of months, especially the outdoor activities. There’s so much going on, that everybody is bound to find something he or she likes.

How long have you been in scouting? What kept you in for so long?

I joined the Scout Group in 1995. Since then I’ve grown within the group and built friendships here that make me and the Group inseparable. I can’t imagine who I would be without scouting since this is how it’s always been. Being a Leader now keeps me in the Group because of this sense of duty I feel towards the younger scouts. When I was younger there were leaders who took care of me, now it’s my turn to return the favour.

Have you travelled with the Group?

Yes, I can say I’ve been around the world with the Group. I’ve been to London, Italy, Sicily, Gibraltar, the Boy Scout Jamboree in USA, I spent a week on a Royal Navy Ship and worked in a Boy Scout Camp for 2 months in Germany. All this was in Cubbie’s days. Nowadays thanks to the EU Youth in Action Exchanges I’ve visited Poland, Ireland, Lebanon and Denmark. International Scouting is a very good way of learning about different cultures and making friends from overseas.